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B.J. Whimpey

Voice-Over Artist

Audio Book Performer

Actor - Singer - Impressions

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Providing a friendly, conversational, warm, and relatable sound to create the perfect mix of personal and professional for any of your recording project needs. Experienced voice-over talent with strong baritone speaking voice, skilled in both character voices and vocal impressions. Dedicated to bringing your vision to reality.

I’m Benjamin Whimpey, but everyone calls me BJ. I am a trained voice-over artist, actor, and singer with a Fine Arts Bachelor’s Degree and years of experience. Recording and edits are done from my in-home studio allowing for a quick turnaround on any production. As a proven hard worker, I love seeing projects completed with speed and quality and I am always looking for new gigs to help keep me sharp and on my toes. Would my strong baritone voice be a fit for your brand? Could my character articulation bring life to your written word?  Let me know what I can do for you.  

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“The narration was fast paced and enjoyable. I appreciated how the characters were brought to life without being overbearing or vocally annoying. I look forward to seeing what happens next and I hope to hear the same voice-over performer moving forward.”

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“The narrations of BJ Whimpey were absolutely phenomenal. He had a beautiful way of creating each character with a slight change of voice. I didn’t even realize it was the same person on every character...”

– Lucas, Sandy, Utah

“…added to the fact that the narrator, BJ Whimpey, expertly draws the listener into each scene..”   

– Nathan A. Sevigny

"B. J. Whimpey you marvelous F$!% of a narrator, great job on the voices! Very well made and professional. Multiple voices for different characters.”

– Mitchard Apides

“The narrator kept my attention and definitely did a good job of bringing a picture for me.”

– LacrYmosa Wolford

“Thrilled to hear the narration performed by B.J. Whimpey again. Always nice to have the characters represented consistently from book to book in a series, and Mr. Whimpey adds a delightful amount of life and drama to each.”

– D.B.

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